It’s probably the most difficult decision a President can make: Which Thanksgiving turkey will he pardon?

We’re joking, of course — but the annual pardoning of the Thanksgiving turkey is a tradition that has been around since 1963 when President John F. Kennedy became the first to save one lucky fowl from hitting the plate. Usually left to the discretion of our fearless leader, this year, for the first time since its inception, two turkeys were pitted against each other, and America has made the final decision. Both birds were set up with individual Facebook pages and by liking or sharing your favorite fowl’s profile, you effectively cast your vote for the 2012 National Thanksgiving Turkey.

So who were the lucky contestants? Allow us to introduce you.

Credit: Facebook

Meet Cobbler. Cobbler was born July 13, 2012 in Rockingham County, Virginia. He weighs in at 40-pounds, 8-ounces and stands 2-feet, 2-inches tall. Cobbler has been known to strut his stuff around the farm; he enjoys cranberries, and his favorite song is “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon.

Credit: Facebook

And then there’s Gobbler. These birds share the same birth date and place, but that’s about all they have in common — well, besides both being turkeys and all. Gobbler weighs in at a whopping 43-pounds, 3-ounces and stands a full inch taller than his opponent. His gobble is said to be rare, but loud; and he walks patient, but proud. His favorite food is corn, and he enjoys any music with a fiddle.

So which of these guys feathers caused your heart to flutter? While it was indeed a close race, just minutes ago America’s decision was made: Cobbler was crowned the 2012 National Thanksgiving Turkey! Congrats Cobbler, that was a hard fought race. No word yet on when Gobbler will make his concession speech.

Don’t worry, Both Cobbler and pal Gobbler will live long and healthy lives at George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens. Happy endings for all!

Source: ABC News, The White House

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