Credit: HonestlyWTF

Sounds like growing up in the Spelling house was pretty great, and Tori Spelling — now a mother to four kids of her own — wants to share one of her favorite holiday traditions: Ravelette Balls!

In her blog, Tori explains the premise of the Ravelette Ball she remembers from her youth. She says, “They were basically balls that you unravel, and as you “unraveled” the ball you’d find treats and little presents in each layer. To bring the tradition back, Tori even found a great DIY guide on HonestlyWTF. All you need is rolled crepe paper (colored streamers), assorted toys and candy (the smaller the better), and quick drying glue.

For full instructions on how to put one together, head to HonestlyWTF. We totally see the appeal for kids, but also these would even be fun to make for the adults in your life!

Source:, HonestlyWTF