Credit: Twitter Photo: Tori, Dean and the Gang

It seems that Tori Spelling’s bed is less of a bed and more of an epicenter for all living things. Of course, Tori and husband Dean McDermott warm the sheets each night, she has hinted before about co-sleeping with her kids, and we totally get why the dog is there, but a chicken?

Tori recently posted a Vine video of her nighttime brood, which includes all the regulars, plus her “pocket chicken.” The family’s miniature pig Hank was nowhere to be seen.

Credit: ediTORIal Photo: Coco the Chicken

"This is how we sleep... #Kids #Dogs #Chicken," the 39-year-old mother of four tweeted.

The chicken, called Coco after Coco Chanel, is a silkie bantam chicken, Tori told
Lucky magazine in 2011. She went on to reveal than she even makes outfits for Coco including mini capelets and fascinators made out of brooches.

The Spellings’ “fowlista” has been confused for a poodle, Tori says, and between her mini size, that body of thick feathers, and those custom knit sweaters, it’s no wonder!

Sources: Twitter, Lucky Magazine, ediTORIal

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