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Let’s face it; we all don’t look our best in the morning, whether it’s eye redness, puffiness, or some nightmare combination of the two. We slather on some under-eye concealer, a little shimmery shadow, and some mascara, and hope it says, “of course I got enough sleep and am totally paying attention!”

That unfortunate discoloration and under-eye puff can make peepers look smaller than they actually are, so no matter how we try to cover it up, we still end up looking a bit like Eeyore’s doppelganger.

One fix? Make your peepers appear bigger with a twist on a simple tool that you may already have lurking at the bottom of your beauty bag: the eyelash curler. Except instead of the old standby, try a heated curler. We wouldn’t think of styling our hair without heat, so why would we deny our lashes similar treatment?

Unless you’re incredibly blessed, your eyelashes grow down to cover much of your eye, making you look tired. Lifting the lashes with a light curl will make your eyes look more awake. Traditional curlers leave kinks instead of curls and can pinch the skin and damage or break lashes (ouch!). Heated curlers use a low temperature to coax the hair into a soft and even upward swoop and work with mascara by softening and reshaping the wax for a longer hold.

Have a look at a few of our favorite heated eyelash curlers — there’s one for every budget!

Credit: Sephora/Nordstrom

Have a look at a few of our favorite heated eyelash curlers — there’s one for every budget!

Steal: Sephora Professional Heated Lash Curler, $16, from Sephora

Splurge: Talika Paris Heated Eye Lash Curler, $37, from Nordstrom




Credit: Amazon/Sephora/Ulta Beauty

Steal: Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler, $13, from Amazon.

Splurge: Dior Diorshow Heat Curl Heating Lash Curler, $25, from Sephora.

Steal: Japonesque Heated Mini Lash Curler, $18, from Ulta Beauty.


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