Credit: Hemera

Remember when a festive holiday mani was as simple as a glittery topcoat?

These days, when a big event rolls around, you have to bring your nail polish A-game or just declare defeat. With holiday parties just around the corner, we’re all looking for a shade that will read “festive”  — without being the same old red, silver or gold.

Credit: Essie

Meet Essie’s Where’s My Chauffeur, a spot-on match for Tiffany Blue. The PERFECT holiday nail color with an understated black, white, silver — or even red! — holiday dress!

Just the other day we had the 60-Second Stylist telling us that a turquoise statement rings are this years fashion-forward holiday dress accessory. We loved the idea of taking that contrast further and extending it to nails. The opulent blue shade reads elegant, timeless, and precocious — a bit like Tiffany’s, natch.

Besides, nothing wrong with not-so-subtly hinting that you’d like a holiday prezzie in a box to match your mani?

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