You’ve undoubtedly played with Legos with your kids, but have you ever actually built anything? Besides the basic square house, we mean. If you’ve ever felt like you just needed to do more in your Lego relationship, consider this “architecturally accurate and completely playable” Lego Hogwarts the ultimate inspiration.

Australian mom Alice Finch told The Brothers Brick that she used to just sort and put away her son’s Legos after a good building bout, but once she got back into constructing for herself, she realized that she wanted to do so much more. Not only did she want to expand on the Hogwarts sets she had already begun collecting — since many weren’t totally accurate and she longed for the full castle experience — but she also realized what playing with Legos could really mean for her personal relationship with her son.

Credit: Lego Hogwarts/Flickr Photo: Lego Hogwarts Great Hall

“…it occurred to me that building with my son had important implications,” Alice said. “We were spending time together doing something creative, learning techniques, and sharing ideas in a very productive way, and, although I didn’t really think about it at the time, I was showing him that moms can be pretty darn good at putting bricks together too.”

Alice took 12 months to construct this masterpiece, scouring the books and movies, traveling to the Harry Potter studio in London, and even studying the architectural drawings used for the movies. Alice went all in, and we definitely think it paid off. She even included such minute details as “the old fashioned slide projector in Lupin’s Defense Against the Dark Arts class, the location of the potions class, and the wood paneling in the charms classroom.”

Girl has some hardcore dedication!

Source: The Brothers Brick

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