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Facebook is perfect for reconnecting with friends, sharing photos... and busting your kids? That’s exactly what happened to one mom from across the pond.

12-year-old Sonny Wilson of Lancashire, England, caught a free ride on the back of a truck going 30 mph. As with everything these days, someone managed to catch it on camera. The video went viral and ended up right in the Facebook feed of Sonny’s mother, Karen Brian. When she realized the person she referred to as the “silly prankster” was her own son, she said she felt sick to her stomach.

The best part of the story is what Sonny’s parents did after seeing the video. They didn’t let him off the hook or even ground him — they called the police! Karen said she hoped the police would “instill the fear of God in him.” As for the Jackass-actor-in-the-making, Sonny, he said, “I even scared myself.” No doubt, dude!

What’s the scariest thing you’ve discovered your child doing?



Credit: YouTube Photo: Boy Gets Caught Truck Surfing By His Parents

Source: Express UK


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