Easter Dinner Recipes

Easter dinner menus have become a delicious mish-mash of traditional and modern dishes. Easy, quick Easter recipes make every mom happy, and many parents have started new traditions with Easter kids recipes. There are also tons of options for healthy Easter recipes for the more calorie-conscious (just stay away from those chocolate bunnies!). In each house, what’s on the table just depends on how traditional the family is and their views on switching up the dinner menu.

Roast lamb dinner was the main dish eaten with other simple sides at the first Passover. The Hebrews would eat a sacrificial lamb hoping that the angel of God would pass over and protect their homes. In the U.S., ham became the traditional Easter entrée back in the day when the cured pork was conveniently ready around the time the holiday was celebrated each year.

Recipes for dessert are in large demand for the spring holiday, and hot cross buns may top the list in many households. This traditional spiced sweet bun usually contains raisins or currants and is decorated with a cross of icing to symbolize the Crucifixion. Although it is more popular to enjoy during Lent — the 40-day Christian season of fasting and reflection before Easter Sunday — or Good Friday, which is the Friday directly before the holiday when Christ is said to have been crucified, hot cross buns can still be seen on many Easter Sunday menus.

These and other traditional dinner meals are still served in homes around the world, but a few more dinner recipe ideas have been made popular over time. Take a look at some of these delectable dishes — some traditional, some not; some healthy, some incredibly indulgent (but who can honestly resist?) — and consider making one or more to start a delicious Easter dinner tradition in your own home!

Easter Dinner Recipes: 9 Great Ideas for a Festive Feast


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