Mona Scott Young Speaks Out Amid Joseline Hernandez’s Recent Twitter Hack
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Mona Scott Young Speaks Out Amid Joseline Hernandez’s Recent Twitter Hack

In case you missed it yesterday, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez caused quite a stir when several photos of the Puerto Rican princess with minor cuts and bruises surfaced on her Twitter timeline. Among tweets the Twitter hijacker posted was one that claimed Mona Scott Young knew of some alleged abuse going on in Joseline and Stevie J.’s marriage. Joseline has since alerted the public that her Twitter account was hacked, and now Mona is speaking out about the situation.

According to Sister 2 Sister magazine, a representative for Mona said the accusatory tweets, allegedly written from Joseline’s account, are completely fabricated.

“Mona told me to hide it,” said one, adding, “Stebbie knew I was f—ing weed man so he beat me.” Hours after the tweet was posted in the early hours of May 20, the messages and photos were pulled and Joseline took to Instagram with a video message to clear the air.

Wassup, y’all? It’s the Puerto Rican princess. Nothing happened to me. I’m all good. My page was hacked last night; it’s nothing wrong with me. Shout out to all my haters,” Joseline said in her Instavid.

Of course, there were tons of fans who recognized the photos as being the aftermath of one of Joseline’s fights with her co-stars during Season 1 of the hit reality show, but others weren’t too quick to believe the photos weren’t more recent.

As such, scores of fans came down on Mona for those messages that seemed to condone domestic abuse; Mona’s rep, however, denies the star had any knowledge of domestic violence between Joseline and Stevie and that she would never condone such behavior in any situation.

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Source: Sister 2 Sister