Mona’s 5 Craziest Moments on Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars

Mona’s 5 Craziest Moments on Pretty Little Liars

Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish) may just be the most unpredictable character on all of Pretty Little Liars and that’s saying something. She started as a frustrated outsider, transformed into a socially-adept “A,” and now is waging a war against her former bully: Alison DiLaurentis.

In more than four seasons of epic Mona moments, here are the five craziest.

Mona Hits Hanna With Her Car

Though we didn’t know this was a Mona moment at the time, the time that Mona as “A” ran Hanna over with her car was seriously twisted. Especially because in spite of the “A” text that explained “She knew too much” we’re pretty sure that Mona hit Hanna because they got into a friend fight. Earlier in the episode, Mona disinvites Hanna from her birthday party after Hanna refuses to skip school with Mona. In retrospect, you realize this is one of the first signs that one of Mona’s chief motivations as “A” was jealous over Hanna’s friendship with the Liars.

Mona is “A” Reveal

When Spencer gets scared, we get scared and Spence is definitely scared in the Season 3 finale when Mona kidnaps her and drives like a bat out of hell to Lookout Point. Mona gives Spencer an ultimatum: join the “A” Team or die. When the other Liars show up, Mona lets out a primal scream and rugby tackles Spencer. The two struggle, and Mona ends up falling off a cliff. This may be the craziest moment in PLL history. Period.

Mona Works on a Halloween Project

Radley Mona is the creepiest version of Mona. In the Season 3 Halloween special, Mona is seemingly stuck inside the sanitarium but that doesn’t get her down. In this scene, we see a singing Mona as she works on a “Halloween project,” red paint dripping like blood onto her shoes. But she is not alone. She explains why she loves Halloween to a hooded “A”, who listens creepily in the corner. One of the things Mona like best about the holiday? “Treats that turn into tricks.” Yikes!

Mona Confesses to Killing Wilden

Mona is nothing if not ballsy one of the many reasons we love her. In Season 4, Hanna is convinced that her mother is going to be successfully framed for Wilden’s murder, and plans to confess to it herself. Mona coaches Hanna through, only to beat her friend to the police station and confess to the murder herself. Some girls give their BFFs bracelets, Mona confesses to murder for hers.

Mona Convinces Ali to Leave Rosewood

Let’s face it: this has always been Mona’s Rosewood. This becomes even more clear in the Season 4 finale when, via flashback, we learn that Mona was the one who convinced Ali to play dead for two years. After “finding” a wounded Ali walking along the side of the road, Mona brings her to the Lost Woods Resort where she already has her “A” lair set up complete with Ali doll and dollhouse. Even seasons after Mona has been exposed as the Original “A”, this moment is still crazy!

What do you think Mona’s craziest moments are? Sound off in the comments below!

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