Monica Lewinsky Was Majorly Offended By Orange Is the New Black Joke — But Why?
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Orange is the New Black

Monica Lewinsky Was Majorly Offended By Orange Is the New Black Joke — But Why?

Here's something we never thought we'd say: Monica Lewinsky is mad at Orange Is the New Black, and she's not taking it lying down.

For those who somehow missed the '90s, Monica Lewinsky is the former White House intern who President Bill Clinton admitted to an "inappropriate relationship" with, setting off the chain of repercussions that ended in his impeachment. Unsurprisingly, life has been a bit tough for Lewinsky in the wake of that overwhelmingly public scandal. She seems to have kept her head high, but that didn't stop her from saying enough is enough when she ran across a joke about herself in the popular Netflix prison dramedy.

Monica wrote about the incident in Vanity Fair, where she is now a blogger, explaining that she was recently enjoying bingeing OITNB for the first time, when she stumbled across " a vulgar reference to my last name and DNA" in Season 1, Episode 11.

For those who need a refresher, we're fairly certain Monica is referencing the scene where Nicky gives Daya advice on entrapping Pornstashe in their scheme to frame him as the father of Daya's kid. Nicky tells Daya to "Lewinsky" the situation: "get some splooge on your uniform."

"I did what I usually do in these situations where the culture throws me a shard of my former self," Monica wrote. "After the cringing embarrassment, the whiff of shame, and the sense that I am no longer an agent running my own life, I shuddered, I got up off the sofa, and I turned it off."

We can't blame Monica for her reaction, but at the same time, we don't really think Orange Is the New Black crossed a line. Nicky's comment wasn't meant as an insult, and does sound like something someone would actually say. Still, it's certainly interesting to hear Monica's take on the situation, which you can get more of at Vanity Fair.

What do you make of this situation? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Vanity Fair

08.1.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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