Monica Sounds Off on the Kandi’s Wedding Premiere — What Did She Think? (VIDEO)
Credit: Monica Brown on Instagram    

Kandi Burruss

Monica Sounds Off on the Kandi’s Wedding Premiere — What Did She Think? (VIDEO)

Did you tune in for the premiere of Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi’s Wedding on June 1? Boy, was it a doozy — and would you expect anything less when you have the combination of Mama Joyce and the already-primed-for-drama chaos of wedding planning?

The premiere even roped in some superstar fans, including R&B songstress and Kandi Burruss’s pal Monica Brown.

Monica, who was in attendance at the actual wedding on April 4, loved the ep so much that she took to Instagram to share her fav moments. The standouts for her? Kandi’s hilariously outspoken aunts (Mama Joyce’s sisters, of course).

“LAWD I'm SO feeling Aunt Bertha right now!! Folks on IG and Twitter talk to MURCH... Blat Blat Blat Blat Blat Blat Blat Blat and don't even know what they're talking about.. Assuming, over analyzing & flat out out thinking themselves #LawdGimmeStrength LOL #KandisWedding #ThisWasSoFunnyIPostedItTwice yesssssssssss @kandiburruss,” Monica writes next to a video of the aunts hamming it up for the cameras.

We didn’t totally understand these old school Atlanta ladies at all times either, but we sure were entertained by them! It’s not surprising that Joyce is such a character after meeting these women. They could certainly have their own show.

Did you love the premiere as much as Monica did? What was your fave part? Tell us in the comments below.