More Grumpy Len Goodman Moments From DWTS Season 13, Week 6!
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Dancing With The Stars

More Grumpy Len Goodman Moments From DWTS Season 13, Week 6!

We all know about Len Goodman’s two-way-grump-fest with Dancing With the Stars pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy — who knew boots and heel leads were so controversial? — but it’s not like Len loved everything else about Season 13’s Broadway Week. Please. He’s not “Grumpy” for nothing. Here’s a look at some of Len’s other issues on Week 6.

Len vs. The Kardashians
Len didn’t get too grumpy with Rob Kardashian, who had the first routine of the night. He basically rolled his eyes at Rob’s sister Khloe, who suggested he give Rob a “9.” “Dream on, sweetheart!” he shouted. Of Rob’s actual dance, Len said, “There was no rhythm. It wasn’t oily. The Cha-Cha-Cha [is supposed to be] cheeky and oily. It was all a bit stiff and starchy.” Laundry terms aside, giving Rob a “7” on the first dance set the bar pretty low, meaning that when Len saw a dance worse than Rob's, he had no choice but to give it a “6,” which is a serious slap-in-the-face-score on Week 6. That decision would go on to affect and annoy Hope Solo & Maks and Chaz Bono & Lacey Schwimmer, and it all started with Rob’s “7.”

Len vs. Nancy, Carrie Ann, Bruno and the audience
Len wasn’t drinking the Team MacGrace Kool-Aid this week. He applauded Nancy Grace’s increased personality in her Spamalot Foxtrot, but he didn’t rave the way Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba did. “The Foxtrot, a certain amount of the dance has to be in hold and that part of it wasn’t so good,” Len said, “because your posture wasn’t there, your footwork wasn’t there. So, as much as I liked the razzle-dazzle...” The audience started booing. Side note: it’s never a good idea for the judges to acknowledge the audience when they boo because they ALWAYS boo every negative comment, no matter how valid it might be or how much they might actually agree with it if they were watching from home. It just wastes time, as evidenced during The Ballroom Brawl between Len and Maks. Carrie Ann and Bruno always seem a little too interested in keeping on the audience’s good side, so as everyone booed and Len made faces, Carrie Ann repeatedly shouted “Broadwaaaaay,” to illustrate the importance of entertainment this week, and Bruno told Len, “It was Monty Python!” Len turned to him and snapped, “It’s a Foxtrot, sunshine!” Carrie Ann’s score is always revealed first and, when she raised her “9” paddle for this dance, Len’s eyebrows went through the roof. He gave it another “7.”

More Grumpy Len Goodman Moments From DWTS Season 13, Week 6!

Len vs. Ricki Lake
Ricki Lake’s Quickstep got one of the top scores of the night, but not before Len almost literally decided to split some hairs. “Occasionally your head should stay to the left and it moved — listen I know I’m finicky!” The audience booed. “I’m a finicky person! But listen, I loved it.”

Len also has nice moments, even if they go unrecognized
Len is not always finicky. He didn’t love or hate David Arquette’s Quickstep, and his comments were fair about it being rough around the edges and a bit too exuberant, He was actually quite kind to Chaz Bono, saying the first rule of this competition is to get through the dance. He commended Chaz for trying his hardest. “However, the Tango...the hold should be tighter, it should be a little bit more aggressive, you should be stepping off through your heels.” He said the dance was hard for him and didn’t suit his personality, but it was still "well done.” It doesn’t get much kinder than that. So, when Len and Bruno both gave Chaz scores of “6,” Chaz was hurt. “Not much to say, is there?” Brooke Burke-Charvet claimed she could relate but — please — she never received a “6” in her life. Her lowest score on Season 7 was one “7” she got the first week.