More Hints About Glee Season 3: Our Detailed Analysis of the Latest Promo, Round 2
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More Hints About Glee Season 3: Our Detailed Analysis of the Latest Promo, Round 2

It’s time for the second installment of our way-too-in-depth inspection of the newest Glee promo. (That dude from The Da Vinci Code would be proud.) As we did for the first Season 3 promo, we’re taking nothing for granted and analyzing each and every frame to see what the coming year may offer. And so far, we like what we see. (But is Blaine really a Cheerio? Really?)

Scene #1: Forever plaid
First up, we see Kurt and Rachel telling Emma about some kind of “Very Important Announcement.” Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is, why the hell are both students wearing plaid? Are they joining a grunge band or something?

The next thought: We’re glad about the prospect of Emma taking an increased role on the show this season (after her intermittent appearances last year). And of course, we’re beyond curious as to find out about this mysterious announcement. Perhaps the announcement is that they need the number to Emma’s stylist because, seriously, her hair looks fabulous this season.

Scene #2: Klaine konspires over koffee
Next we see Blaine (in his Dalton uni, FYI) and Kurt in one of their trademark coffee-filled chats. Kurt — still wearing that aforementioned plaid — says he’s hoping that his senior year will be “magic.” With Chris Colfer hinting that a new extracurricular activity may be in Kurt’s future, we’re hoping he didn’t mean that literally — Kurt starting a new glee club would be much more salacious than him spending his senior year doing his best David Blaine impression.

Scene #3: Time for some soul-searching for Sue? (Somehow, we doubt it.)
Okay, we’re not exactly sure how to interpret Sue’s comment about how she’s “on the precipice of doom.” Could this mean she’s reinstating last year’s intimidating (but actually kinda pathetic) supergroup of villainy, the League of Doom?

We’re having a hard time believing Sue is capable of having another revelation a la her sister’s death last season — so we’ll get our umbrellas out in preparation for the sh*t storm that is sure to blow in.

More Hints About Glee Season 3: Our Detailed Analysis of the Latest Promo, Round 2
Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

Scene #4: Purple reign
Since the release of the first promo, we’ve received a little more insight on all that dancing in purple New Directions was doing. Namely, that the first ep of the season is called “The Purple Piano Project.” We just hope that if the music follows this whole purple theme, they go more “Purple Rain” and less “Purple People Eater.”

Scene #5: Kurt goes jock?
This one is a bit baffling. It’s Puck and Kurt cheering together (strange) with Kurt wearing a hoodie and headband, as if he’s training for something, Rocky-style (stranger). Perhaps Puck is taking Kurt under his wing and turning him into a gym rat? Stranger things have happened. (Actually, no. They probably haven’t.)

Scene #6: Blaine’s a Cheerio?
We’re not sure what we think about this one, but it looks as if that is indeed Blaine, performing in the middle of the Cheerio pack on the steps of McKinley. Does this mean that he will be transferring to McKinley sooner than we think? And just what will Sue have to say about another glee clubber in her mix? (Our guess: see #11.)

Scene #7: Will vs. Sue — Round 2,780
Looks like Sue’s political career is just getting started, and already it’s as controversial as Michelle Bachmann’s. Sue announces her campaign promise of suspending funding for the arts in public schools, causing Mr. Schue to refer to himself as a general ready to take on his persistent nemesis, causing Emma to get totally turned on by her *fingerscrossed!* on-again-boyfriend . Is it just us, or did we totally forget how cute Wemma can be? (Sorry, Dr. Carl.)

Scene #8: Chores just became a lot easier
This clip goes by a little fast, but is that a double-sided broom that Kurt and Rachel are dancing with and holding in the air? (We’re not sure that a double-sided broom is even really a thing, although we figure that the day it was invented was the happiest day of Mary Poppins’ life. Not that she’s ever not happy.) Of note: Kurt in suspenders = super cute. We suppose that someone on TV needs to keep this style alive, now that Larry King is off the air.

More Hints About Glee Season 3: Our Detailed Analysis of the Latest Promo, Round 2
Credit: Danielle Levitt/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

Scene #9: Perhaps pink-haired girls have even more fun than blondes?
If you thought Quinn looked angst-ridden at times in Season 2, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. In this promo she’s looking extra bada** in her ultra-punk get-up, replete with denim jacket and pink hair. And if she had to steal a hairdo from a Natalie Portman movie, we’re at least glad she went with one similar to Nat’s hair in Closer, and not the (non)hairdo from V for Vendetta.

Scene #10: Lunchtime show
We get three quick snippets of a New Directions performance in the cafeteria, with Finn behind the drums, while Rachel, Brittany, and other members dance giddily on tables. Could this performance be an attempt to recruit new members, as rumors suggest? Because we’re not sure that dancing on the table that people are trying to eat lunch on is the best way to get them on your side. (Translation: If someone were to keep us from our chicken nuggets, there would be hell to pay. Right, Mercedes?)

Scene #11: Sue doesn’t just get mad... she gets, uh, really mad
And finally, we get what we all were expecting: Sue ruining someone’s life for some (presumably arbitrary) reason. In this case, it’s Tina and Mike taking the brunt of it, as Sue screams at them while wearing a purple (!) tracksuit and throws something out of what looks to be a purple (!!) piano. So much for Sue getting neutered this year.

We’re also excited that this last scene suggests that, in fact, Tina and Mike will be getting more interesting storylines this year, as Ryan Murphy has stated. Now that we’ve met Mike’s mom and pop, we can’t wait to dive into their lives. ‘Til September 20!

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