Who Is Morgan Adler From Big Tips Texas?
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Who Is Morgan Adler From Big Tips Texas?

If you’re watching Big Tips Texas, then there is no way you’ve been able to miss Morgan. She’s a sexy, sassy brunette with a self-described “permanent b—h face.” Ask us to recall any of our favorite quotes or any of the show’s most dramatic moments, and Morgan was probably a part of them. She’s funny, sarcastic, and always has something witty to say.

One of the “new girls,” Morgan has only been working at Redneck Heaven for the past few months. She’s super-tight with fellow waitress (and aspiring fashion designer) Kristyn, and the two are full of quotable lines and sarcastic humor.

Morgan hopes to one day become a barrel racer in the rodeo, and she’s saving up all the tips she makes working at Redneck in hopes of achieving that dream. Her boyfriend, Chance, is also often featured on the show. Morgan loves her BF and is fiercely protective of their relationship — she even got in a physical altercation with Mimi when she thought the newbie might be trying to move in on her man.

To keep up with Morgan in the day-to-day, you can follow her on Twitter @nagromrelda. (It’s her first and last name, Morgan Adler, spelled backwards.) She posts a ton of photos, and loves to live-tweet the episodes each Wednesday as they’re airing.

Her boyfriend, Chance Cole Stermer, is on Twitter @ColeStermer. The rugged cowboy posts plenty of photos of the cute couple, too.

For even more Morgan, including fun photos from a recent fishing trip and her creep-tasticly awesome Halloween costume, follow her on Instagram, too.

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