Morgan Stewart of #Rich Kids of Beverly Hills: I Need a Nose Job
Credit: Morgan Stewart on Instagram    

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Morgan Stewart of #Rich Kids of Beverly Hills: I Need a Nose Job

To most people, Morgan Stewart from #RichKids of Beverly Hills pretty much embodies the standard of female beauty. She’s tall, leggy and blonde. She has a big brown eyes, a deep tan, and her boobs are ginormous.

During the show’s January 19 premiere, Morgan seemed more than confident about her appearance. “[Her boyfriend, Brendan Fitzpatrick] was like, you can't get everything you want in a partner, Dorothy. I was like, I'm sorry, are you blind, because last time I checked, I wear a DD bra and I have a 24-inch waist. So, what are we confused about?”

However, it seems there is one part of Morgan’s physical appearance that she’s not at all happy about: her nose. In a January 20 post on her blog Boobs & Loubs (because... have you seen her boobs?), Morgan wrote that she needs a nose job. Fans on Twitter echoed that sentiment, telling the 25-year-old that she really should do something about her schnozz.

But even though Morgan isn’t happy with her nose, she says there’s no way she’ll ever have work done on it.

She added on her blog, “I do need a nose job but will NEVER get one – EVER.”

Okay, here’s the question, though: Does everyone really think that Morgan’s nose is that big? We really only notice it in a couple of photos. Just work your angles, girl! With most poses, we don’t even notice it at all.

Source: Morgan Stewart on Twitter, Boobs & Loubs