Credit: Robert Ascroft/Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc. Photo: Courtney Kerr Promo Shot Closeup

It's Courtney Kerr's birthday on December 17, y'all.

To celebrate, here are 10 reasons we love the Most Eligible Dallas star:

  1. She's hilarious! She had some of the best lines on Most Eligible Dallas.
  2. She has great style. If you haven't checked out What Courtney Wore yet, you're missing out.
  3. She has awesome hair. Whether she's blonde or brunette, our girl's hair always looks good.
  4. She tells it like it is. Courtney isn't afraid to speak her mind, and we love her for it.
  5. She's not a fan of dates. Almost everyone finds the early stage of dating kind of awkward; we like that Court admits it.
  6. She knows what she wants. Courtney has high standards. We say: good for her!
  7. She's active on Twitter. Courtney tweets up a storm and talks to her fans on Twitter. If you're not following her @thecourtneykerr, you should start ASAP.
  8. She's sentimental. She even has a tattoo commemorating her grandmothers death. So sweet.
  9. She's a great friend. And no, this isn't a *hint hint, nudge nudge* about her relationship with Matt Nordgren. She's also a loyal gal pal to Tara Harper, as we saw on Most Eligible Dallas.
  10. She knows how to get sexy and romantic. We're just going link to her moment with Matt in the hot tub without further comment.

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