Grey’s Anatomy: Most (and Least) Romantic Meredith-Derek Moments of Season 10
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: Most (and Least) Romantic Meredith-Derek Moments of Season 10

Grey’s Anatomy’s tenth season has been a bit of a rollercoaster for our favorite couple, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey). Although they started off strong, welcoming their new baby, Bailey, into the world when Season 10 premiered, the ending was a little rocky when Derek wanted Meredith to put her career on hold in favor of his presidential brain mapping project.

But just because they experience ups and downs doesn’t mean we don’t love MerDer all the same — and there’s not even a question that this strong couple is going to pull through their big argument when Grey’s returns for Season 11. Even though they’ve been together practically since the first episode, Meredith and Derek continue to make us fall in love with them all over again all the time.

These are some of our most romantic moments from Season 10 — and the moments that were not romantic at all.

Grey’s Anatomy: Most (and Least) Romantic Meredith-Derek Moments of Season 10
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First, we have the best of times:

When Derek offers to let Meredith kick some medical butt this year in favor of his own career (Episode 6: “Map of You”): It’s always romantic when your husband promises to let you work on changing the face of surgery as we know it… less so when he takes back that promise, but we’ll discuss that later. The chemistry between Meredith and Derek in this scene made us wish we were married to McDreamy.

Meredith and Derek relive the prom… and their clandestine meet up (Episode 4: “Puttin’ On The Ritz”): In Grey’s legendary 200th episode, Meredith and Derek find themselves in an on-call room after an unexpected surgery, and we all know what happens in the on-call room, right? Sexytimes. And on this particular night, Mr. and Mrs. Shepherd were reminded of when they got it on in an exam room during the prom the hospital threw in honor of Richard’s dying niece. Ah, memories.

Meredith puts aside her anger in favor of being proud of Derek (Episode 14: “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away”): Because why be mad when you can be naked? It’s a true testament to the strength of their love and marriage that, despite the fact that Derek broke a promise to her, Meredith is still proud of the major accomplishment he’s made.

And now, the worst:

Derek breaks his promise to Meredith with the presidential initiative (Episode 14: “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away”): This is what happened before Meredith decided to put aside that anger we were talking about. When Mer finds out that Derek is taking on a new project that requires him to break his promise that he’ll take on the responsibilities at home, she’s furious — and rightfully so. (Thanks, POTUS!) Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Derek… even if you do have fantastic hair.

Derek asks Meredith to move to Washington, DC (Episode 24: “Fear (Of The Unknown)”): Wow, Season 10 is not reflecting well on Derek at all, huh? The season ended with Derek and Meredith in the midst of one of the worst fights we’ve ever seen them in. When his project moves him to DC, he assumes Meredith and the kids will join him… but Derek obviously assumed wrong. And can we blame Meredith for being pissed? No, no, we cannot.

What are your favorite — and least favoriteMeredith and Derek moments from Season 10? Share them with us below!