Most Memorable Moments from DWTS Season 11
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Dancing With The Stars

Most Memorable Moments from DWTS Season 11

During Tuesday's Dancing with the Stars finale, Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke recapped a few dramatic moments from Season 11. Here's their list, with a few additions, in chronological order of when the drama went down (or close to it):

Jennifer Grey cries over Patrick Swayze

Week 1, when Derek told Jen they would be dancing their Viennese Waltz to "These Arms of Mine," she had a mini breakdown. She just missed her late, great Dirty Dancing partner, Patrick Swayze, and Derek reminded her of him. It was the first of Jen's many cries. It also led to one of her best dances of the season.

The Hoff is offed first

David Hasselhoff's "Sex Bomb" exploded on the season premiere and he was sent home first, to the shock of everyone.


Maks & Brandy had their first fight early in the season when she cursed at him and he replied that there's no need for that. Turns out, there was need for even more than that, since Maks escalated his tough love, adding spanking. Len ended up calling Maks out on his spanking, and Carrie Ann even tried to spank Maks herself.

Bolton vs. Bruno

Bruno gave Michael Bolton a 3 for his "Hound Dog" Jive. He also called it the worst Jive in 11 seasons. Bolton thought it was disrespectful and it got quite chilly. To be fair, that Jive was bloody awful. Don't believe us? Watch it here.


Bad timing. That's all it was. Everyone in the audience started booing at the same time that the cameras turned to Sarah Palin in the audience for a powwow with Tom. The audience was really booing Jennifer Grey's "low" scores (as led by Jen's BFF Jamie Lee Curtis), but it seemed like they were booing Sarah.

Sitch walks out after judges don't appreciate him

The Situation & Karina practiced all kinds of difficult flips for their Argentine Tango, but the judges didn't honor Sitch's work as much as he felt he deserved. So, after ranting in the confessionals, he walked out. Just a little hissy fit. Not like Snooki getting punched or anything.

Jennifer vs. Derek

Jennifer & Derek had a bit of a "control your temper" tiff mid-season. He was just frustrated in general and she was being oversensitive. They got over it, but not before she walked out on him for some cool down time.

Jen's body falls apart

Every other week it seems like a doctor visited Jennifer Grey for a fresh report about her body falling apart. She has residual neck issues from her car accident many years ago, and had a cancerous growth removed last year. Her knees, back, and other body parts seemed to be on strike, too. But she still managed to do perfect routines and take home the Mirror Ball trophy, so it's hard to feel too sorry for her.

Bristol is exhausted and homesick

It's tough being hated on every week. Bristol showed rare emotion mid-season when she cried to Mark during the confessional. She missed her son, Tripp, and they spent some time with him the next week. Mark also visited the Palin homestead in Alaska, where Sarah Palin said she was "star-struck" over him. See pics of their trip here.

Maks vs. Carrie Ann

When there's an instant dance, Carrie Ann would like it to start instantly. After Maks' & Brandy's not-so-instant Cha-Cha-Cha, Carrie Ann and Maks got into it, talking over each other and ending on a frosty note. They made up, but there's been a lingering tension between the pros and the judges this season. They disagree every season, but between Maks and the judges over everything and Mark and the judges when it comes to Bristol, things are getting kind of touchy.

Brandy goes home, Bristol stays

Tea Party backers, Vote for the Worst callers or just fans at home — whoever was voting for Bristol, they won this round. In the most shocking DWTS elimination to date, one-time frontrunner Brandy was denied a shot at the finale in favor of low-scoring Bristol Palin. Bristol got tired of hearing from all the haters, so she and her sister Willow took to Facebook to hate right back. Then Bristol apologized.

Jennifer Grey wins DWTS

It was almost inevitable. She was the best from Week 1 and despite everyone's insistence that she was not indeed a "ringer" like Nicole Scherzinger, Derek started with a talented dancer and ended up winning with her. Again. That's two wins in a row for The Golden Boy, making him the first three-time Mirror Ball champ. So was getting Bristol into the finals just a red herring to distract us from another pre-ordained season?

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