You Named Your Baby What?! 2013’s Most Outrageous Entertainment-Inspired Names
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You Named Your Baby What?! 2013’s Most Outrageous Entertainment-Inspired Names

Giving your kid a weird name isn’t a privilege restricted just to the rich and famous. Plenty of Average Joes and Janes out there hopped on the “unique” baby name train last year. For your reading pleasure, we’ve rounded up the kookiest, oddest, most eyebrow-raising of the lot and, funny enough, many of them find their origins in the world of entertainment.

Where are we getting our data? From the very top! The Social Security Administration just released last year’s popular baby names and it’s got more than 1,400 brand spankin' new additions, which means it’s the first time particular moniker has graced the birth certificates of five or more babies born in the U.S. of A.

Beside the additions of, um, creative spellings on classic names (hello to Wynter and Bayleigh! Nice to know you, Graeme and Jceion!), combo names took hold. High school principles of 2031, expect to see Charlotterose and Marcusjames on your list of new graduates.

But the names that really blew our socks off are also all too familiar. Last year welcomed 263 baby girls named Rihanna and seven named Prim (Mom and Dad must be huge Hunger Games fans). For boys, Dario broke into the Top 1000 though it lost Game of Thrones’ spare “a” along the way. Santana was also a popular choice for boys despite its association forevermore with the female Glee character of the same name.

All of those pale in comparison, however, to the true jaw-dropper in the nursery: Vanellope. And this isn’t one or two isolated cases of a baby born to a family devoted to Pixar. Sixty-three American girls were named after Sarah Silverman’s sugar-high character. We just hope they don’t clash with the 257 boys and five girls out there named Kale.

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