Game of Thrones: The Most Shocking Deaths so Far
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: The Most Shocking Deaths so Far

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 9: "The Rains of Castamere." Click away now if you don't want to know.

It should be obvious by now that no one is safe on Game of Thrones. One minute a character can seem to be at the height of power, the next they’re missing a head. Here’s a list of the most shocking deaths the show has had to offer thus far, and why they surprised us.

Ned Stark. When discussing shocking deaths on GoT, any conversation must begin with Ned Stark. His storyline was the main focus of Season 1, and he was also played by the most well-known actor of the cast, Sean Bean. While shocking, the death of Ned Stark was necessary to accelerate the pace of the greater story, and to establish how far the show is willing to go.

Khal Drogo. Drogo was a very powerful man, because of both the size of his army and his individual strength in battle. He seemed invincible and likely to grant Westeros to his wife Daenerys, but he had to go in order for Dany to forge her own path. His death marked a huge shift in Dany's story — who would have guessed at the beginning of Season 1 that she'd be burning slave cities to the ground of her own accord in Season 3?

Robb Stark. Robb was King in the North and had won every battle on his way toward avenging his father’s death, but he made too many political mistakes along the way. His mother Cat had warned him long ago not to betray Walder Frey, and now we know why. Tears.

Cat Stark. One would think one Stark death at the Red Wedding would have been enough, but Cat perished as well. After she saw Robb killed, Cat didn’t seem to have much desire to live. Poor Cat, she left us too soon. Perhaps she’ll pop up again someday...

Jeor Mormont. The Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch was called the Old Bear for a reason: he was as tough as they come. He was also a widely respected leader, so it was a bit shocking when he was stabbed in the back by his own men. We guess that’s what happens when you fill the Night’s Watch with criminals.

Renly Baratheon. Let’s be honest: five kings is way too many. The herd clearly had to be thinned, so it really was no great shock that Renly was killed. But the way in which he was killed; that was shocking. Stabbed by his brother’s shadow baby? Yeah, didn’t see that coming.

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