Shocking Photos of Mother’s Filthy Home Might Help Explain Toddler Deaths
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Shocking Photos of Mother’s Filthy Home Might Help Explain Toddler Deaths

Some think parents should be required to be licensed before they can have kids, and this story clearly makes that case.

According to the Daily Mail, some very disturbing details have emerged in the case of Samantha Harper, a Tennessee mother accused of the death of her two children in August 2012. Harper’s children died from asphyxiation after being locked in a hot car while their mother slept in the front seat, and were discovered by a neighbor.

The disturbing images of the children’s home paint a grim picture of the life of these kids, 2-year-old Daniel and 3-year-old Savannah Marise. They show dirty piles of garbage and fast food containers everywhere, dirt and feces smeared on the walls, and no working toilet. The court record states, “The children did not have beds and the walls in the room had food and feces smeared and splattered on them. When the children were found deceased they were found to have cuts on their hands and they were filthy.”

After the photos were taken, the home was condemned due to it’s filthy condition and ironically deemed “a hazard to children.”

Anyone who sees these grim photos has to wonder why nobody was called to do something about this horrible environment. It turns out the Tennessee Department of Child Services did visit Harper’s home at least twice, once in 2011 and again in 2012, before the death of the toddlers, but deemed the family as “not needing services at this time.” While it seems unbelievable, stories of kids falling through the cracks are more common than we’d like to think.

Samantha Harper has been charged with two counts each of aggravated child abuse and murder. The child’s father, who was reportedly at work on the day the deaths occurred, has not been charged with any crime.

Source: Daily Mail

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