Mothers Given Wrong Babies Four Years Ago Face Bizarre Legal Battle
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Mothers Given Wrong Babies Four Years Ago Face Bizarre Legal Battle

Two mothers in South Africa are facing a King Solomon-like decision by the court. It will determine whether the two mothers will keep the children they have raised from birth to age four, or if each child will be returned to their biological parent.

According to the Mirror, one of the mothers wants her biological baby back, while the other wants to keep the baby she was mistakenly given four years ago. The two babies were accidentally switched at birth at Tambo Memorial Hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The switch was only discovered when genetic tests were undergone by one of the mothers because the father refused to pay child support, stating that the baby wasn’t his. After the mistake was discovered, the mothers met each other and have been attending joint therapy sessions ever since.

The courts have asked the University of Pretoria’s Center for Child Law to provide a recommendation that would be in the best interest of the children within 90 days. A spokesman for the Center said, “We have been authorised to investigate the matter and to give our report and recommendations. It will be up to the court to make the final decision.”

Henk Strydom, the attorney for the mother who wants her biological child back, likened the judgement to the biblical story of King Solomon, who was forced to cut a baby in half in order to be fair to both families. He said, “Someone will have to make a very difficult decision...”

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Source: Mirror

05.29.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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