Motorcyclists Terrorize Family in SUV With a 5-Month-Old Inside (VIDEO)
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Motorcyclists Terrorize Family in SUV With a 5-Month-Old Inside (VIDEO)

For one family, what should have been a pleasant drive turned almost deadly.

Daily Mail reports that a man was traveling in a Range Rover recently with his wife and baby outside of New York City when their SUV was suddenly surrounded by a large number of motorcyclists. A helmet camera video has been released from one of the bikers that shows the extent of the eventual chase and attack of the family.

As the bikers — who were part of an annual bikers’ event — surrounded the SUV, it looks as though one biker suddenly slowed down for an unknown reason, forcing the driver to slam on his brakes. The driver, 33-year-old Alexian Lien, did not slow quick enough and bumped the back tire of the bike with his front bumper.

As a result, the group of bikers all stopped and looked back to the SUV. Fearing for the safety of his wife and their 5-month-old baby in this sea of angry bikers, Lien quickly sped away, driving over several bikes on his way out of the stand-still mob, only to be quickly pursued.

When they surrounded him a second time, one biker can be seen running up to the SUV and yanking open one of the doors, but Lien acts quickly and speeds away. The fearful father continued to drive and eventually was caught in traffic, where he had no choice but to stop.

Having caught up to Lien for a third time, two bikers approached the vehicle, tore off their helmets, and proceeded to smash the driver’s window of the SUV. They also attacked the backseat window on the driver’s side before the video comes to an end.

Lien was treated at a local hospital for lacerations, and was let go. Police said that there were no other injuries.

What a terrifying thing for this family to go through. It looks and sounds like Lien acted hastily trying to outrun the pack in an attempt to protect his wife and child from a bunch of angry people.

After watching this shocking video, how would you have reacted?

Source: Daily Mail

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