Motown Week Sneak Peek: Who Is Dancing What For DWTS Season 14, Week 6?
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Dancing With The Stars

Motown Week Sneak Peek: Who Is Dancing What For DWTS Season 14, Week 6?

Dancing With the Stars Season 14 is heading to Motown this week, which should be especially fun for "The Empress of Soul" herself, Gladys Knight.

Not only is Week 6 going to be themed to Motown music, legendary singers will be performing as the final eight couples dance. On top of that, there will be a dance marathon. (Yay for the marathons!) Read on for the DWTS couples’ interviews with On the Red Carpet — and get ready to feel the rhythm!

William Levy & Cheryl Burke, Rumba
Motown is fun, lively music — does Cheryl need to liven William up? "I don't think I need to liven him up, I think I need to teach him a little bit about Motown, though,” Cheryl laughed after Monday’s Week 5 Performance Show. “He doesn't know much about it. He doesn't really know the guy who is singing our song for next week.” They have a Rumba, so expect them to be slow and sexy. “He's got to get the soul,” Cheryl added. “He has a lot of soul, we've just got to bring it into Motown."

Watch their video here.

Motown Week Sneak Peek: Who Is Dancing What For DWTS Season 14, Week 6?
Credit: Adam Taylor/ ABC    

Gladys Knight & Tristan MacManus, ???
Gladys and Tristan weren’t sure what dance style they’d get — we’ll have to hope Gladys tweets about it later this week — but they were excited for the theme and the idea of live singers performing as the couples dance.

"Now that's going to be really something 'cause all my friends are coming,” Gladys said. “I work with them all the time. I'm from that era and we spent so many years together actually growing up.”

What's Gladys’ secret Motown weapon? "Just being herself all the time,” Tristan answered. “Preferably I'd like to get a fast dance because ... we'd like to think we've gotten the ballroom dances out of the way for now. This is the stage that I wanted to get to where we can start making an impact. Hopefully we'll get something fast but, unfortunately, we don't get to choose. But whatever we do get we'll be true to it and we'll enjoy it as it is."

So Gladys and Tristan are hoping for a fast dance while Melissa and Maks are glad to be getting a slower one.

Watch their video here.

Maria Menounos & Derek Hough, Foxtrot
What is the attention-grabbing Team Menough planning for Motown Week? “It's actually exciting next week because the artists will be performing with us while we're dancing, so that's something new and exciting that we haven't done before,” Derek said. “But we're going back to basics — it's going to be a clean classy Foxtrot."

So they were sexy this week with their shirtless kiss but next week they are going to be buttoned-up and classy.

Watch their video here.

Donald Driver & Peta Murgatroyd, Foxtrot
"I'm gonna do a lot of work on this Motown piece,” Peta said. “We've got Foxtrot. It's pretty hard to put Motown stuff into Foxtrot. It's going to be a bit difficult, but I'm going to have to do some research."

Is there a secret Motown weapon in his soul? "I don't know,” Donald said. “We will find out."

Watch their video here.

Melissa Gilbert & Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Viennese Waltz
"We're finally getting to do something a little softer," Maks said. "We're doing the Viennese Waltz and we'll have a live singer, a legendary singer, performing while we're dancing. I always love that part of the show. We'll hopefully do it justice." Turns out, their legendary singer is none other than ... Smokey Robinson! But at this point, when the videos were shot, after Monday's Performance Show, they were just worried about going home.

Watch their video here.

Katherine Jenkins & Mark Ballas, Samba
You have to watch the video to see Mark try to illustrate his Motown moves. "We've got Samba," Mark said. "It'll be a hybrid of this [shimmies his torso] and this [does a kind of bouncy walk.] You have to watch to see. Katherine said she can’t plan ahead — she can only picture one week at a time because she's constantly nervous about being sent home. Have faith, girl!

Watch their video here.

Jaleel White & Kym Johnson, ???
What is Jaleel’s Motown secret weapon? "He was in Dreamgirls," Kym said. Jaleel added, "I was in Dreamgirls so we may have to go to a Dreamgirls thing. We'll see what happens." Kym continued, "We've definitely got some Motown — I think it's going to be a really good week. I mean it's going to be a good week for Gladys, obviously, but I think it's going to be a really good week for us."

Kym said they have a good dance and a good song and they'll be styling but won't show as much skin as they did with their Latin Week Samba. But they don’t actually talk about their dance style so we’ll have to hope at least one of them tweets more details later this week. Share with the class, y’all!

Watch their video here.

Roshon Fegan & Chelsie Hightower, Rumba
Ro and Chelsie didn’t talk about Week 6 in their video, but Chelsie tweeted, "Roshon is doing great with rumba! He Is such a talented dancer. Love teaching him."

Source: On the Red Carpet