Game of Thrones’ The Mountain on Filming Oberyn’s Death
Credit: Macall B. Polay/courtesy of HBO    

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Game of Thrones’ The Mountain on Filming Oberyn’s Death

Without question, one of the most talked about scenes of Game of Thrones Season 4 was the fight between The Mountain (Thor Bjornsson) and Oberyn Martell (Pedro Pascal), which of course ended with The Mountain gruesomely killing Oberyn. Icelandic strongman Hafpor Bjornsson made his acting debut as the Mountain, and he shares with Sports Illustrated what it was like to film the epic scene.

When asked what the hardest part of the scene was to film, Hafpor says, “To be able to finish the whole scene without mistakes after having learned the fight scenes — they were really fast-paced and complicated. All of this was new to me, one big challenge. But we managed to make this incredible scene, one of the more talked about of all.”

So even with all of the choreography and swordfight-training involved in the fight scene, Hafpor still says that ending the fight, by exploding Oberyn’s head, was the most difficult part of the process for him. Even so, it may have also been his favorite part. When asked how much fun it is to kill someone on screen, Hafpor reveals, “Great fun!”

No word yet on whether or not Hafpor will return for Game of Thrones Season 5, but we know that because of him, Oberyn definitely won’t be!

Source: Sports Illustrated