The Mountain Is Actually Europe’s Strongest Man in Real Life
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Game of Thrones

The Mountain Is Actually Europe’s Strongest Man in Real Life

The Mountain (Thor Björnsson) is the biggest, scariest dude in Westeros — and it turns out that's pretty much true in real life, too!

Hafþór Júlíus "Thor" Björnsson, who played the massive killer in Game of Thrones Season 4, won the 2014 Europe’s Strongest Man title earlier this month. Because yes, he really is that freaking strong.

According to Bleacher Report, Thor won four of six strength competitions within the greater competition. See his impressive feats for yourself in the video below!

The best part comes at 2:45, after Thor wins a challenge involving moving a bunch of really, really heavy stones. He rips off his shirt, starts screaming, and then gives these amazing comments to a nearby reporter: "I am the future…OF STRENGTH! AND THE KING OF STONES!" That you are, Thor. That you are.

So, exactly how big and strong is Thor? The Icelandic strongman-turned-actor is 6'9" and weighs over 400 lbs. He has also tossed a washing machine 15.4 feet, because apparently that is a thing that strong people do.

Fortunately, while Thor's strength is the real deal, his on-screen persona is otherwise nothing like his real life personality. By all reports, he's a very sweet guy who would never crush someone's skull in during a death match. Outside of the Seven Kingdoms, there are much more humane ways to prove your awesomeness!

Source: Bleacher Report

08.19.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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