The Mountain vs. Oberyn: Pedro Pascal Dishes on the Brutal Battle
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Game of Thrones

The Mountain vs. Oberyn: Pedro Pascal Dishes on the Brutal Battle

In Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 8, “The Mountain and the Viper,” we saw the show’s most brutal scene since the Red Wedding. Oberyn Martell's (Pedro Pascal) grisly demise at the hands of the Mountain will haunt our nightmares for weeks, not only because of how graphic the scene was, but also because we’re really going to miss Pedro Pascal’s performance.

“It was something I was prepared for all along, but still it is such a brutal twist in the story,” Pedro tells TV Guide of Oberyn’s death. “There’s a part of me that as a fan and watcher of this show that was never really able to get over it. There was an ever-present ache for Oberyn in my heart in the doing of it.”

The scene was quite grotesque, with the Mountain literally causing Oberyn’s head to explode. Obviously, Pedro’s head is still thankfully intact, and he dishes on the fake head used in the scene. “I caught myself staring and realizing that I had no idea what I actually look like in life,” Pedro says. “It’s very, very strange. I had this moment that I kept staring at my fake head and realizing how much I look like my dad. They did such a great job. It looks exactly like me with such detail. It was very eerie.” We imagine it was even more eerie seeing your own head explode before your eyes! Ugh, we need to go watch some cat videos or something.

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Source: TV Guide