The Mountain vs. The Viper: Fans React (VIDEO)
Credit: Macall B. Polay/courtesy of HBO    

Game of Thrones

The Mountain vs. The Viper: Fans React (VIDEO)

We knew this would happen. After the phenomenon that was the Red Wedding reaction video trend during Season 3 of Game of Thrones, of course the epic battle between The Mountain (Thor Bjornsson) and Oberyn Martell (Pedro Pascal) in Season 4, Episode 8 would inspire more great reactions from somehow-still- hopeful GoT viewers.

Thanks to this YouTube supercut, we can observe the reactions of a plethora of fans, and the range of emotions they showcase are impressive. Some are reduced to Arya-like hysterical laughter, some scream, “No!” and shield their eyes, while others just seem revolted by the pure grotesque nature of Oberyn’s demise.

One girl seemed to have never seen the show at all before, asking someone off-camera, “Is that what the whole show is like?” Yep, pretty much. A man watching with a friend remained hopeful at the end of the fight, presumably when the Mountain collapses, declaring, “It’s a draw.” Umm, no, if one guy is able to explode another guy’s head, he’s the winner. The man then sees the light and proclaims, “It’s not a draw. He’s f—ing dead.”

Still another man, probably one who bet on the Mountain, triumphantly yells, “Oh snap, son! Oh!” when the fight turns in Gregor’s favor. The man then breaks down into a fit of laughter.

You can check out all of the reactions right below, while thankfully not having to witness the tragedy again yourself.