The Mountain Was Almost an NFL Player!
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Game of Thrones

The Mountain Was Almost an NFL Player!

We got out first look at Thor Bjornsson as the Mountain on Game of Thrones in Season 4, Episode 7 (“Mockingbird"), and the guy is an absolute beast. So we’re not too surprised to learn that he almost ended up in the NFL!

CBS Sports reports that Thor was very nearly an Indianapolis Colt rather than a Westerosi Mountain. A tweet sent by Colts’ owner Jim Irsay in May of 2013 apparently referred to Thor, calling him simply “The Icelander” and mentioning that Colt’s GM Ryan Grigson would possibly sign the big fella as a lineman:

“Off/Def Lineman,so many 6-3 to 6-7..320-365 lbs/Big,Physical and Nasty! Speaking of size/strength..GM Grig's just might sign “The Icelander”.

The Icelander has a pretty good ring to it, but we think the Mountain is better. Thor is 6’9” and 420 lbs., which would make him considerably larger than even the biggest linemen the Colts were considering in the 6’7”, 365 lbs. range. The guy is so big he would take up the entire line all by himself.

Thor is also only 25 years old, and is a former basketball player, so his freakish size and athletic ability coupled with his youth mean that the NFL could some day come calling again. We wouldn’t mind seeing the Mountain squash a few quarterbacks as a defensive lineman in the future, who would be able to stop him?

05.21.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Johnny Brayson
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