Pretty Little Liars Movie: 5 Plots We’d Like to See
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Movie: 5 Plots We’d Like to See

With all of this talk of a potential Pretty Little Liars movie, we couldn’t help but dream about what a PLL story on the silver screen might look like. Here are the five movie plots we’d most like to see!

Pretty Little Liars: The College Years

Only a few years after the terrible events of the PLL series finale, the Liars have drifted apart again. They thought they’d be safe on their respective college campuses safe from “A,” and safe from the memories they share of the darkest period of their lives but they were wrong. When a new “A” starts terrorizing each of the Liars, the former friends are forced to face the fractures in their friendships and a new “A” who seems to be on four college campuses at once. Will they make it to graduation?

Pretty Little Liars: Camp “A”

Looking to spend some quality time together during their summer breaks from college, the Liars decide to work at a picturesque summer camp in the Berkshires. But when a fellow counselor is found dead and mysterious clues start appearing across the camp, the Liars have to face the truth: “A” is framing them for murder. Will the Liars be able to keep their jobs, their clean criminal records, and their lives?

Pretty Little Liars: VacAtion From Hell

The Liars decide to take a much-needed vacation away following the traumatic final years of their high school experience. Unfortunately, “A” hijacks their European backpacking adventure, kidnapping Spencer and sending Emily, Hanna, and Aria on a wild goose chase across the continent in an attempt to find their friend. Will the Liars be able to solve the mystery without Spencer there to help?

Pretty Little Liars: Rosewood Reunion

It’s time for the Liars’ ten year Rosewood High School reunion! But none of the Liars want to go. Not only do they have horrible memories of their time at the school, but they’ve had a huge falling out in the years since graduation. Fortunately, “A” isn’t giving them a choice, blackmailing each of the Liars to head back to Rosewood for the big 1-0. What does the masked villainess want? And will the Liars take the opportunity to patch things up?

Pretty Little Liars: The MetA Movie

Hollywood wants to make a movie about the Liars’ lives much to the Liars’ varying degrees of chagrin. They agree to go along with it, acting as “consultants” on the film, but soon realize the film’s director is more interested in telling his version of the story complete with Liar catfights, threesomes, and an ending that has the boyfriends saving the day. When “A” starts sabotaging the filming, the cast and crew get to experience the “A” treatment first hand. But will the Liars be able to figure out who is behind it all before it’s too late?

What do you think the PLL movie should be about? Share your plot ideas in the comments below!

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