Pretty Little Liars Movie: 5 Reasons It’s a Good Idea!
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Movie: 5 Reasons It’s a Good Idea!

Pretty Little Liars showrunner Marlene King said she’d “love to make a PLL movie.” And we’re on board, too! (Who wouldn’t want to see Toby’s abs on the big screen?) Here are five reasons we think a PLL feature film would be the Best Thing Ever.

A self-contained story with answers

As much as we love the serialized nature of PLL, its in the series’ nature to keep things hanging so we will tune into the next episode or season. Though we’re sure a PLL movie wouldn’t wrap up all of those lingering questions by any stretch of the imagination; we bet there would be some closure within the structure of the film. Perhaps a new, “A”-related mystery could be introduced and solved within the course of the movie? Or maybe the film could feature an antagonist other than “A”? Whatever form the PLL could take, it would be refreshing to get a self-contained story with definitive answers within the PLL universe.

Bigger budget

PLL does a good job with their television budget, but imagine Jason and Emily’s elevator near-death scene on the big screen! Or Spencer’s fight for her life in the bell tower! Or even that epic Ezria parking lot kiss! These dramatic scenes writ large on the big screen could be even more glorious, terrifying, or romantic.

More effective homages

PLL is all about the Hitchcock homages, and they’re great, but think about what could be done if PLL were not only using the classic suspense films’ content for inspiration, but also its structure. As much as they have in common, television and film are decidedly different mediums with different strengths and weakness. While television is great for in-depth exploration of theme or character, film’s strength lies in its ability to tell a well-structured, cohesive story with a definitive beginning and end. Imagine an entire PLL movie set to the same structure and pacing as Rear Window or Strangers on a Train. Perfection!

The perfect reunion

PLL the series has to end eventually (we don’t like to think about it either), and we’re guessing the very talented actresses behind the show are going to be in high demand. The only way we’re going to catch up with their alter egos (i.e. Aria, Spence, Em, and Hanna) is in one-off movie, perhaps funded by Kickstarter a la the Veronica Mars flick currently in production. We’d love to find out what the Liars are up to once they’ve solved the “A” mystery and moved on with their lives - only to be brought back together in a follow-up feature film when they all mysteriously start getting “A” texts again. The reunion film practically writes itself!

Much-deserved attention

We think the jump to the big screen could get more people interested in PLL and, perhaps, give it the attention it deserves. Sure, PLL is very much within the teen mystery genre, but it is intricately-plotted, well-paced story that continues to impress us with its attention to character and its classic horror film references. Not to mention the four impressively strong female leads and the excellent supporting cast! We think a lot of people outside a certain demographic (the younger, female kind) write this show off, but it does horror and suspense so well and we think it’s time it got the recognition it so richly deserves!

Do you think a PLL movie is a good idea? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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