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Once upon a time — way before America had ever heard of the Dunphys (gasp!) — Julie Bowen was best known for her roles on prime time shows such as Lost and Boston Legal. But it was her memorable role in 1996’s Happy Gilmore that really put this funny lady on the right track for superstardom.

In Happy Gilmore, she starred opposite Adam Sandler as Virginia Venit, the PGA Tour public relations director who is assigned to help Happy Madison (Adam Sandler) get through his first golf tour smoothly so that he can win the grand prize and save his grandmother's home from foreclosure. Over the course of the movie, Virginia has a calming effect on Happy's over-aggressive personality, and she becomes just what he needs to take down the arrogant Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald). And yes, their friendship inevitably grows into something more. (This was the '90s! Everything had a happy ending.)

While we can’t imagine Julie as anyone but Claire Dunphy now, let’s all take a trip down memory lane and revisit Happy Madison’s “happy place.”

Do you remember Julie's first big screen role in Happy Gilmore? Sound off in the comments with your favorite moment from the film!

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