Asking about someone’s tattoos isn’t exactly the most creative of pickup lines, but it worked wonders for Shailene Woodley’s character in upcoming thriller Divergent.

Based on a young adult novel by Veronica Roth, the movie chronicles a dystopian Chicago split into five factions — with each based on a particular virtue. Shailene plays leading lady Tris, while hunky Englishman Theo James stars as Four. In a new clip from the film, which is set to debut March 21, Tris and Four get a moment alone.

It starts off awkward, saved solely by the Ellie Goulding track playing over the film, but things pick up when Tris asks about Four’s intricate tattoo peeking out from underneath the collar of his well-fitted tee. “Do you want to see it?” he says before, in true Taylor Lautner fashion, he loses the shirt completely.

Shailene’s character, seemingly entranced by his completely cut bod detailed ink begins caressing the back tat, startling Four who turns around to say something or other about how he wants to be selfless and intelligent and blah blah blah. How he expects us to pay attention to what he’s saying while shirtless is a mystery.

Tris is having trouble listening too as her eyes flick over Four’s chiseled jawline. Thankfully, he soon puts us all out of our misery by leaning in for a passionate smackeroo totally worthy of Divergent’s teen movie status.

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