Credit: TriStar Pictures, 1986

Put that baby spell on me! Toby Froud became a cult icon as a toddler, co-starring in Labyrinth with David Bowie. But he’s grown up since his 1986 movie debut!

Toby, who played the baby of the same name stolen by the Goblin King, is the son of Brian Froud, a conceptual designer, and Wendy Midener, who worked in Jim Henson's Creature Shop. Together, they worked on many Henson projects, including The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. It only makes sense that he'd get the gig — not only was he perfect for it, but he was probably one of the few babies that's totally used to being around crazy-weird goblins on a regular basis!

Now in his late 20s and living in Portland, Oregon, Toby never really ended his career in whimsical, puppet-driven filmmaking, although now he's a little more behind the scenes — and has a baby of his own, which so far hasn't been stolen by a Goblin King.  Toby and his wife, Sarah, had their first child, a son named Sebastian, in March.

"This is our first child and I’m looking forward to the day I can share the Labyrinth with my boy. Although, I imagine he probably won’t believe me that I was that baby in the stripes," said Toby in an interview with Geek Dad. "I do hope to put him into some of my work in the future, but currently he makes a fun puppet himself dancing across the bed. We’re certainly going to have some interesting home movies!"

We would sure hope so — especially since Sebastian looks just like baby Toby!

After a successful Kickstarter campaign this summer, Toby's working with Jim Henson's youngest daughter, Heather Henson, on a short film called Lessons Learned, featuring his own puppets inspired by his parents' work. First, though, he set out on his own, working with puppet fabrication teams on The Chronicles of Narnia. Currently, he works at stop-motion animation studio Laika, where he worked on the film ParaNorman and the soon to be released BoxTrolls.

Toby's Facebook page hints that he is still very much connected to his Labyrinth past, since he's working under the moniker Stripey Pajama Productions for personal projects. How appropriate!

How do you feel about the Labyrinth baby being a full-grown adult? Weigh in below!

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