Crime drama American Hustle is a hit with audiences and critics alike — even earning Oscar buzz — and not just because of the same-sex kiss between two of its stars, Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence.

When she took to the couch of Chelsea Lately for the January 8 episode, Amy explained that she was the one who scripted the moment, not screenwriters Eric Singer and David O'Russell.

"My character is really strong and her character is kind of crazy, and I was trying to to think, why would I let her leave — because I really want to tell her something. And I thought, what's the craziest thing she could have done to me? And I thought she should kiss me."

The one downside? "I didn't really kiss her back, which was unfortunate."

And the 39-year-old only had praise for her scene partner: "She's the most awesome girl, ever. She's so amazing … Oh, me at 23 — I was not cool."

As you can see in the (profanity-laden) YouTube clip below, the pivotal smooch happens as Jennifer's character, Rosalyn, sloppily confronts her husband's mistress, Amy Adam's Edith, with the bleak reality of their existence.

"You know, sometimes in life, all you have are f—ked up, poisonous choices," Rosalyn muses. She pulls Edith into a liplock before breaking it off, cracking up as she leaves.

"Jesus Christ," Edith exhales, startled, before inspecting her smudged lipstick.

Yeah, kissing J.Law would probably take our breath away, too!

Source: Chelsea Lately

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