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Avid Brittany Murphy fans will be glad to know that the actress's final film, Something Wicked is finally hitting theaters — four years after her untimely death.

Brittany wrapped production on the horror flick months before she died in December 2009 — at the age of 32 — but her tragic passing postponed the release.

Now, however, the screamfest is hitting theaters — first premiering on April 4 in its filming location of Eugene, Oregon, before expanding to other theaters.

To get you primed and adequately terrified, the producers have released a trailer for the movie, which sets up the plot: Two lovebirds have their wedding plans disrupted by a series of horrific events and a deranged stalker.

The culprit could be any one of creepy characters, including one charmer who offers these backhanded well-wishes to the groom-to-be: "My dad says you got engaged. Congratulations. She's hot. I'll have to introduce myself next time I see her."

You'll likely enjoy this movie if you enjoyed Final Destination, as the trailer features lots of bodies being hit by lots of vehicles with lots of "ouch"-like sound effects. (Hopefully the audio will be better in the final cut!)

Brittany plays the girlfriend of the bride-to-be's brother, and screenwriter Joe Colleran tells USA Today that she "pulled off one of the spookiest scenes in the movie… Personally, I think it's one of the best scenes of her career."

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: USA Today

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