Sandra Bullock to Make $70 Million For Gravity — If Not More! (VIDEO)

Credit: NDN

Sure, the special effects of Gravity were stunning, but Sandra Bullock's paycheck for her Oscar-nominated performance in the space odyssey is what's truly astronomical.

The Hollywood Reporter speculates that the 49-year-old actress will earn at least $70 million for her role in the Best Picture frontrunner.

That's because her deal with Warner Bros. got her 15 percent of the "first-dollar gross" — i.e. share of the box office that the studio gets, usually 40 to 50 percent of the earnings. (She also got $20 million upfront as an advance.)

Assuming Warner Bros. gets 45 percent of the global box office — which will likely surpass $750 million — Sandra will get $50 million.

On top of that, she's expected to reap another $20 million over time with Blu-ray, DVD, and TV sales.

According to The New York Times, Sandy was on screen for 73 of the film's 91 minutes. By our calculation, that means she'll earn more that $769,000 per minute.

And Yahoo! reports that she was present for 14 weeks of the film's production. Let's say her long days on set translated to, oh, 60 hours a week. That's a total of 840 hours — in which case she earned over $83,000 per hour.

But let's face it, folks. She's Sandra freakin' Bullock — an out-of-this-world actress and, apparently, a shrewd businesswoman. She has earned all those zeros on her check!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times, Yahoo!

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