See First Photo of Ben Affleck as Batman — With Batsuit and Batmobile! (VIDEO)

Credit: AOL

Christian Bale's Batman is, like, so 2012. Yes, though it's been less than two years since The Dark Knight Rises hit theaters, we're already getting a glimpse of the next iteration of the Caped Crusader. (We are living in reboot-happy times, friends!)

Behold: Ben Affleck as Batman, as revealed on Twitter by Man of Steel director Zack Snyder, who's currently helming the sequel, tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman.

The newest Batsuit looks simpler than the Christian Bale version — with fewer panels, less armor, shorter ears on the mask, and a subtle (albeit huge) bat design on the chest. And we'd like just like to point out the enormities that are Ben's biceps.

We also get a good look at the new Batmobile in the background, which seems to hew closer to Batman's vehicle in the Tim Burton films than the tank-like Tumbler seen in the Christopher Nolan series.

Replies to Zack's Twitter post reveal fans' positive response to the new designs: "The Batsuit looks great." "I think this is my favorite Batmobile ever.  "My god, that's awesome."

What do you think? Are you loving the new look? Or do you prefer prior versions? Let us know in the comments below.

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