Baby Toby From Labyrinth: Where Is He Now?

Credit: Wetpaint Entertainment

Toby Froud became a cult icon as a toddler, co-starring in Labyrinth with David Bowie as a child kidnapped by a goblin king. But he’s grown up a whole lot since his 1986 movie debut — he's now in his late 20s, has a baby of his own, and is a professional puppeteer!

When Labyrinth was being filmed, Toby was at the right age at the right time. His dad, Brian Froud, was collaborating with Jim Henson on what would be the Muppets' last feature film. They needed a baby to play the little half-brother of Sarah Williams, portrayed by Jennifer Connelly, and lo and behold: Toby was there!

While Toby's casting was likely one of convenience, he owned the role as much as a baby can, rocking a pair of striped pajamas — the namesake of adult Toby's production company, Stripey Pajama Productions — and toddling around with aplomb.

Toby's no longer in the acting game, but starring in the whimsical epic really did kickstart his career in puppetry… although having parents in the business didn't exactly hurt either.

Watch the video above to see what Toby looks like now, and let us know your thoughts in the comments! Are your minds totally blown?

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