Mr. Jay Gets Pooped On: Top 5 OMG Moments of ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 8
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America's Next Top Model

Mr. Jay Gets Pooped On: Top 5 OMG Moments of ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 8

Just as Tyra's boots were stuffed with leg warmers, so too was last night's episode filled to the brim with OMG moments. Check out the top 5 from ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 8: "Lana Marks."

5. Jay has about 15 years of good luck now.

The only thing that can making hanging out all day in a landfill better is bird poop, and Jay was hit not once, but twice. Though given the remarkable number of seagulls at the photo shoot, it's amazing that those couture gowns didn't all look like Jackson Pollock paintings by the end of the day.

4. Brittani and Alexandria hugged; neither exploded from the contact.

Spontaneous combustion in humans is a real problem, especially in urban legends, so we waited with bated breath when Brittani and Alexandria hugged it out in the post-panel car ride home. Fortunately, it all worked out. Was anyone else surprised at how quickly this was resolved? Even if it wasn't a complete resolution? "We're really cool." "For sure." Yeah?

3. No one gets in Alexandria's way.

So, for the athletic go-see, Alexandria ran outside of the studio and changed into a bikini at her car. "I was wearing a thong, so it's not like I was embarrassing myself," she said. All that aside, we almost laughed out loud when she ran back into the studio and nearly took out an elderly woman with a rolling suitcase and her boobs had to be blurred for all of us watching at home. Don't you know Morocco is on the line, lady?

2. Morocco has never felt so awkward.

How is it that after kangaroo costumes (Australia), flamenco dancing (Spain), and gondola rides (Italy), the only way to announce a trip to Morocco — a place Tyra herself lauded for its culture and beauty — was to have the girls spell out the name of the country on the floor of the Hall of Portfolios? (P.S. Why was there a Hall of Portfolios?) It's not like Morocco just started last week and there's not much to say about it yet. This scene was like a math problem where the answer keeps coming out wrong until finally the teacher realizes there was something off with the equation in the first place.

1.Molly's attitude was, hmmm, awful.

Molly's bad attitude was like a bright blue vein in the arm of this episode. She had issues with the Alexandria reconciliation, with her go-see driver, with Lana Marks' decision, and with standing in garbage whilst pooping birds flew overhead. Her tears at panel might have indicated some remorse, but when she was rolling her eyes at Alexandria's challenge presents, did she not remind you of Monique after Kasia's dinner with Miss J? The commercial casting agent was right on point when she told Molls, "We can try and make it a little friendlier."

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