2013 MTV Video Music Awards: The 15 Best and Funniest Fan Tweets
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2013 MTV Video Music Awards: The 15 Best and Funniest Fan Tweets

Who actually needs an awards show host when you have Twitter?

We kept an eye on the most popular tweets during the VMAs, and fans, you did a better job than Seth MacFarlane with the Oscars. We are fresh out of LOLs, because you took them all.

From Miley's most recent transformation to One Direction being themselves, here are the funniest (and just great) fan (and some non-civilian) tweets we found from the VMAs. You're welcome.

1. Start With a Drinking Game

Maybe this one. Don't die.

2. See Your Favorite Celebs Walk Up

Mackemore does have some really great hair.

3. Then Watch Miley Cyrus Show Up

A lot of these are about Miley Cyrus. Remember Cynthia from Rugrats? Well...

4. Then Miley Gets Onstage

Fans started making some really important observations, like how the Smith family looked. On their faces. On their weirded out faces.

5. Then Miley Starts Dancing With Robin Thicke

That foam finger went to some really uncomfortable places.

6. Miley Looks Familiar Again

With her new outfit, Miley might be channeling a little less Cynthia, a little more Jim Carrey!

7. Miley's performance will be one that Billy Ray Cyrus will never forget.

Go to your happy place, Billy Ray!

7.5. But for the Miley haters...

JWoww does not agree with you. JWoww has spoken.

8. At least Ed Sheeran is wholesome.

This fan? Accurate.

9. Hey other fans, imma let you finish, but Kanye's over-the-top display at the VMAs...

... was the best over-the-top display at the VMAs of all time. This was a popular one so we're going to consider it a group effort.

10. One Direction brought a picnic!

Harry Styles just chillin', eating an orange. Because why not?

11. Correction: 1D had the best picnic!

Uh, we want to picnic with Louis.

12. We love Justin Timberlake, but even he isn't immune from ridicule.

Remember this ghost of VMAs past?

13. But maybe he was paying homage to Devo this year?

This one was pretty good.

2013 MTV Video Music Awards: The 15 Best and Funniest Fan Tweets
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14. Some of you didn't enjoy the VMAs in general too much.

Like this guy.

15. But it's okay, because Twitter is here.

Twitter to the rescue!

08.25.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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