Miley Cyrus MTV Unplugged: 10 Things You Won’t See on TV!
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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus MTV Unplugged: 10 Things You Won’t See on TV!

We all know Miley Cyrus is going to blow the roof off the joint (no, not that kind of joint) during her unbelievable MTV Unplugged special. What you might not know is that some of the night’s most shocking moments won't actually make it to air!

Wetpaint Entertainment attended the countrified concert taping on January 28, and when Miley wasn’t busy impressing everyone with her stellar vocals, she had plenty to say to her fans. So here are 10 crazy moments that you won’t see on TV. C’mon, MTV — she’s just being Miley. And click here to see her full set list from the concert!

1. Miley complained about not getting to smoke weed during the show.

In between songs, Miley had no problem getting real with her fans not that she’s ever been known for being reserved. After performing her mash-up with Madonna, she was on cloud nine and told her fans she didn’t have any complaints about this day. Then, she changed her mind, as her one complaint was that she wasn’t allowed to get high for the show. That’s our Miley!

2. Miley used a teleprompter for one of the songs.

Miley had zero trouble remembering any of her lyrics, even when she was singing other people’s parts in her songs, like Britney Spears’s verse in “SMS (Bangerz).” However, a teleprompter was used for the “Don’t Tell Me”/“We Can’t Stop” mash-up. Perhaps neither Madonna nor Miley had much time to prepare each other’s songs. Regardless, they both killed it on the mash-up.

3. Miley redid two of her songs.

Miley’s definitely a perfectionist, proven by the fact that she wasn’t quite satisfied with her first performance of “SMS (Bangerz)” and wanted another crack at it. So she redid the song at the end of the evening. Madonna and Miley also performed their mash-up twice. But who’s gonna complain about getting to see those two perform together for a second time? Not us!

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Miley Cyrus MTV Unplugged: 10 Things You Won’t See on TV!
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4. She sang a Spice Girls hit in between her own songs.

Apparently, Miley loves Posh, Scary, and the gang as much as we do. Miley joked that the show felt like she was doing karaoke, except she was the only one getting a turn. And then she busted out an impromptu, a cappella rendition of the bridge from “Wannabe.” (“So here’s the story from A to Z…”) Sadly, Miley didn’t keep it going long enough for us to hear her say “zig-a-zig ah.”

5. She acknowledges that the VMAs did wonders for her career.

In between songs, Miley started doing a bit of a striptease for the crowd. But then she stopped herself and said she had already tried something like that before on MTV — meaning the 2013 VMAs — and that it didn’t go so well. However, she corrected herself and said it actually went really well, and that it’s all how you look at it. Who knew Miley would get so philosophical on us.

6. She used profanity to make fun of the “Miley Cyrus Show” sketch from Saturday Night Live.

Throughout the show, Miley was humble, self-deprecating, and appreciative of her fans. And at one point, after telling the crowd that performing with Madonna was “pretty f—king cool,” Miley acknowledged that she sounded like her SNL counterpart. Miley explains that she now throws the f-word in there, rather than the tamer version from her younger days. Oh, how times change.

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7. One song was cut from her set list at the last minute — and another ended up on the cutting room floor.

Poor Miley had just been getting over a bout with a nasty virus in the past few days. So she told the crowd that she decided to cut “Someone Else” from her set at the eleventh hour, since she wasn’t quite up for it. Also, she performed a cover of Arctic Monkeys' "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?" but the song didn't make it to TV.

8. Miley claimed that MTV wouldn’t approve of her preferred venue choice.

Miley started the show in a skintight cowgirl outfit and wig, later changing into a blinged-out bikini top and ripped jeans. And is it any surprise that Miley told the crowd that the location she really wanted for her Unplugged concert is a strip club? She joked to the crowd that we were all going to the strip club afterward “on MTV,” and that MTV was paying her in one-dollar bills. If only.

9. The crowd recorded fake laughs before Miley got onstage but we doubt they were needed.

The producers had the crowd record some fake laughter ahead of time, just in case. But Miley was hilarious and earned plenty of her own guffaws throughout the show. Our favorite quip of hers might have been during her cover of “Jolene,” when she said about the song’s title character, “That’s OK — I never trusted that bitch anyway.” Take that, Jolene!

10. The celebs weren’t only onstage they were in the crowd, too.

Famous people love Miley, too, and who can blame them? Indeed, we spotted Guillermo Díaz in the audience, who’s best known as Huck from Scandal — which apparently films nearby — and also played Guillermo on Weeds. He was totally sweet to fans and stuck around a bit after the show to chat with them. No word on whether he was twerking along to Miley’s songs.

What did you think of Miley: Unplugged? Were you as impressed as we were? Tell us your thoughts below!

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