Virgin Territory’s Dominique Talks About MTV’s New Series and What “No Ringy, No Dingy” Means — Exclusive
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Virgin Territory’s Dominique Talks About MTV’s New Series and What “No Ringy, No Dingy” Means — Exclusive

In case you haven’t heard, MTV is doling out a new show about — you guessed it — virgins. In the network’s efforts in preventing teen pregnancy, Virgin Territory (which airs on July 16!) follows 15 young adults who are dealing with a major decision: whether they’re going to have sex, save their virginity for the right person, or wait for marriage.

Enter 22-year-old Dominique, who is saving herself for marriage. You might remember her from the show’s trailer, thanks to her motto, “No ringy, no dingy.” But there’s more to this girl. She was raised in a household where many of her family members had children out of wedlock, and Dominique is vowing to take a different path.

Wetpaint Entertainment got the chance to chat with the star about why she made her choice, and, of course, just what that motto really means.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Tell us a little about Virgin Territory!

Dominique: You’ll get an inside look of how not even teenagers, just young adults think when it comes to sex. What’s going through our minds, the positive and negatives, and the weird, awkward questions. It’s really dope.

What can viewers expect from your storyline?

I’m very much open, and all I can say is that I bring a lot of fun to the show, but also its realness. Part of the reason why I am a virgin is because I come from a family where virginity is not a big deal. They lost their virginity at a young age and had a lot of kids out of wedlock.

I’m just finding that moment within my family and breaking that cycle of waiting. With that, comes conversations with me and my mom, and I’m going through [my parents’] whole divorce process all over again, and you’ll see me dating and not dating.

When did you decide you wanted to save yourself?

Once I got to 17, I was just like, ‘Hey, I’m not having sex and I just really want to wait until I’m married.’ I took my virginity a little bit more serious for myself, not just for my mom, not just for the sake of having kids out of wedlock. This was just a decision I wanted to do.

Have you always been this vocal about being a virgin?

When I was in high school, I used to lie! I used to sit in the cafeteria and everyone would come in and just tell their sex stories from the weekend before, and I used to always make up stuff just to fit in. It’s so embarrassing looking at it now. But once I got to college, it was pretty much the real deal and I became comfortable with it … I think you’ve got to be proud of it.

What made you want to go on this show?

I remember in high school how hard it was trying to fit in with everyone that was having sex, and it took me a while to really appreciate virginity and to really think of it at a different level because it’s a big deal, believe it or not. Society and the generation that we live in has a way of shaping it to it’s not as important.

I just want to change that, and I want to be the voice of our generation and speak out on it. I want to show the world that you can be a virgin, you can be empowered, and be proud of it because it’s a special thing.

Are you dating anyone?

Oh my gosh, I wish! No, I’m really focused on Dominique right now, and just getting some things in order in my life and achieving some goals. I’m pretty much doing me.

Can you tell us about your motto: “No ringy, no dingy?”

Everyone thinks that when I get engaged, I’m going to have sex. But no! When I actually get married, that’s when I’m going have to sex. As long as I already made that commitment with my husband, that is when it’s going to go down.

What do you hope viewers gain from watching this show?

I really hope that viewers view sex with a whole new outlook. I pray that the next time someone decides that they want to have sex, that they really think things through. I don’t want people to think that sex is something that can keep a relationship, or that sex is something that will make a man love you even more or even less, or feel like they’re validated or they have to do it.

It’s OK to save yourself, it’s OK to be different, it’s OK to do what everyone else is not doing because at the end of the day, that is what makes you you, and what makes you so unique and so special.

Catch Virgin Territory on Wednesday, July 16, at 11 p.m. ET on MTV.

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