Music From Castle Season 2
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Music From Castle Season 2

Almost every episode of Castle begins with a song and a murder scene. The incongruity of the pairing is perfectly, well, Castle. Ever wonder who's singing the little ditty playing during the typically gory opener? Want to know the names of other catchy tunes from Castle Season 2? Peruse our episode-by-episode list of music from last season of the hit ABC crime series. And don't forget to catch the Season 3 premiere on September 20!

Source: ABC Music Lounge

Episode 2.1, "Deep in Death"

"Can I Get Get Get," Junior Senior (Hey Hey My My Yo Yo)
"Highschool Hoodlums," The Datsuns (Headstunts)
" River to Your Soul," DJ Dimi
"50-96," Charles Fearing
"My Fault, Your Mistake," Lex Land (Orange Days on Lemon Street)

Episode 2.2, "The Double Down"

"Who Taught You to Live Like That?" Sloan (Never Hear the End of It)
"We Are Not the Losers (Anymore)," Actionslacks (Full Upright Position)

Episode 2.3, "Inventing the Girl"

"We Swing," Jaconfetti
"In a Magazine," Ultraviolet Sound
"So Thankful (Original Instrumental Mix)," Mahjong & D'Layna (So Thankful)
"Friends Forever More," Chad Hannah
"My Personal Moon," Madison Park (Madison Park)
"Heart Place," Lindsey Katt

Episode 2.4, "Fool Me Once"

"Can't Stop," Mozella (Mozella)
"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"
"Factories," Winter Gloves (About a Girl)

Episode 2.5, "When the Bough Breaks"

"Fever Burning," Alyx (ALyX! - EP)
"Everybody Loves Me," OneRepublic
"Rocket," El Presidente

Episode 2.6, "Vampire Weekend"

"Pure Pleasure Seeker," Moloko (Things to Make & Do)

Episode 2.7, "Famous Last Words"

"Threshold," Anna Waronker (Castle — EP)
"Underground," Anna Waronker (Castle — EP)
"Here Kitty Kitty," Anna Waronker (Castle — EP)

Episode 2.8, "Kill the Messenger"

"I'm on Fire," Locksley
"Coming Fast, Coming Hard," Salme Dahlstrom

Episode 2.9, "Love Me Dead"

"Now We Can See," The Thermals (Now We Can See)
"Love Fire," The Emeralds (Surfing Baby)
"Madly in Action," The Shys (The Gun Shys)
"Everyday," Vetiver (Everyday)

Episode 2.10, "One Man's Treasure"

"Crush on You," Brakesbrakesbrakes (Touchdown)
"The Calculation," Regina Spektor (Far)
"I'm Still Fact, She's Fiction," Mads Langer (Fact — Fiction. Pop — Or???)

Episode 2.11, "The Fifth Bullet"

"All We Need is Love," Jenny Alpert (No Second Guesses)
"Chin Up," Amy Stroup (Chin Up)

Episode 2.12, "A Rose for Everafter"

"Love Song," Golden State
"Take a Chance," The Magic Numbers (The Magic Numbers)

Episode 2.13, "Sucker Punch"

"The End," Pearl Jam (Backspacer)

Episode 2.14, "The Third Man"

"Trading Things In," The Voluntary Butler Scheme (At Breakfast, Dinner, Tea)
"Dream a Better Way," Tim Hanauer (Time for Change)
"Cold Turkey," Linear B (Revox)
"Across Waters," Channel Two (Artful Time Reduction)

Episode 2.15, "Suicide Squeeze"

"Whole Again," All Night Chemists
"I Get Around," Dragonette (Galore)

Episode 2.16, "The Mistress Always Spanks Twice"

"Picture Perfect," Lindsey Ray (Picture Perfect)
"Asphyxia," Noirhaus
"Super Conductor," Beautiful Small Machines (The Robots in Love - EP)
"Save Me," Carnaby
"Standalone," Ghost in the Machine (The One Within)
"Patterns," Band of Skulls (Baby Darling Doll Face Honey)
"Red Lips & Fingertips," The Come Ons (The Come Ons)

Episode 2.17, "Tick, Tick, Tick..."

"7 Stars," The Apples in Stereo (New Magnetic Wonder)

Episode 2.18, "Boom!"

"We Aright," The Genders

Episode 2.19, "Wrapped Up in Death"

"Love is Endless," Mozella

Episode 2.20, "The Late Shaft"

"With You," Graham Colton
"Turn Around," Soul P
"How Much I Feel," David Pack

Episode 2.21, "Den of Thieves"

"Unthought Known," Pearl Jam (Backspacer)
"Not Bad at All," Steve McDonald and Anna Waronker

Episode 2.22, "Food to Die For"

"So Far So Long," Alexander Cardinale (Alexander Cardinale)
"Sleep Comes Lately," Malpais (Luka is Leaving New York)
"Slow Down," Dry Spells (Dry Spells - EP)

Episode 2.23, "Overkill"

"Workin Man's Blues," Aceyalone (The Lovely Ones)
"Crash and Burn," Lifehouse (Smoke & Mirrors)
"You and Me Belong," Jes (Disconnect)

Episode 2.24, "A Deadly Game"

"Into the Blue," Sara Jackson-Holman (When You Dream)

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