Music from Pretty Little Liars Season 1, Episode 12: \
Music from Pretty Little Liars Season 1, Episode 12: “Salt Meets Wound”
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Pretty Little Liars

Music from Pretty Little Liars Season 1, Episode 12: “Salt Meets Wound”


What would scandalous secrets and torrid murder mysteries be without a rockin' soundtrack to set the mood for Pretty Little Liars? Get down to the songs that were featured in Season 1, Episode 12, "Salt Meets Wound" and channel all the show's drama through your ears.

Artist: Love Grenades
Song: "Big Baby"
Album: Unreleased
Scene: Spencer and Alex have a steamy makeout sesh in his car while Spencer's mom makes a coffee run.

Artist: The Fast Romantics
Song: "How Do You?"
Album: The Fast Romantics
Scene: Mona throws a surprise party for a wheelchair-bound Hanna. (The mark of a true friend.)
Break the bread, drink some wine
I’ll touch yours, if you touch mine
How do ya do?

Artist: Pigeon John
Song: "Time Bomb"
Album: Dragon Slayer
Scene: In flashback, a very hungry (or very bored) Alison toys with Noel's romantic prospects.
Wake up in the morning to the clear blue sky
Turn up the music when I hop in the rod
The window's down, let the whole world see
Ain't nobody rock like the little old me.

Song: "Marathon"
Album: Cape Dory
Scene: Aria confronts Noel about his super-shady blackmailing ways, causing Noel to project the blame onto Ezra.
When all the fishermen were working at night
Not even once did we see a light
We didn't realize the forecast had been revised
And moonless skies and shifty wind that gusts and dies.

Electric Owls
Song: "Darken Me"
Album: Magic Show - EP
Scene: Sean and Lucas butt heads as they vie for Hanna's affections. (Aww!)
I have tried to be your friend
Self-respect has worn so thin
And yesterday the joke set in
That you have darkened me again.

Fay Wolf
Song: "God Knows"
Album: Blankets
Scene: Ashley Marin takes some of her daughter's painkillers to try and sleep, officially securing her position as 2011's Mother of the Year.
God knows if I make you cry
God knows if we'll be alright
Then I walked out the door
I'm giving up the fight.

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