Glee Music Spoiler: Lea Michele Singing With Adam Lambert
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Glee Music Spoiler: Lea Michele Singing With Adam Lambert

We've loved getting to know Starchild, ever since he popped up on Glee earlier in Season 5. And it looks like we're going to see more of a friendship develop between Starchild and Rachel (Lea Michele) as they even have a song together soon!

Starchild has done an amazing job with the songs he's performed on so far, including "Marry the Night" and "Into the Groove." Now, we're learning that he and Rachel will be teaming up on a tune for Season 5, Episode 10: "Trio," which is currently filming and will air in March.

On December 5, Lea tweeted:

Awesome news! We can't wait to see the dance moves that they come up with and we're excited to hear how their voices sound on this mystery tune.

Glee vocal producer Alex Anders clearly loves what he's hearing from these two, as he tweets:

And now, the big question is: What exactly will they be singing? The only clue Lea gives is that it's a female rock song. So could it be a song by Janis Joplin? Blondie? Paula Cole? C'mon, don't tell us we're the only ones who'd love to hear Lea and Adam tackle Paula's iconic '90s hit, "I Don't Want to Wait." (We still miss you, Dawson's Creek.)

Which song are you hoping that Rachel and Starchild perform?

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