Glee Music Spoilers: First Listen + Song List for Season 5, Episode 6: “Movin’ Out”
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Glee Music Spoilers: First Listen + Song List for Season 5, Episode 6: “Movin’ Out”

Glee has done a slew of Billy Joel songs over the years, and now, the show is dedicating an entire episode to the musical icon. Are you ready to hear all the music? Season 5, Episode 6’s Billy Joel tribute will be titled “Movin’ Out,” and the show has released the first-listen audio for the November 21 show. Sing us a song, Glee!

We’ve loved the show’s previous takes on Billy Joel tunes, especially since all the renditions have been so different. It starts with Schue (Matthew Morrison) and Bryan Ryan’s (Neil Patrick Harris) unforgettable “Piano Man” in Season 1, followed by “Only the Good Die Young” in Season 2. Season 3 brought the Warblers’ peppy “Uptown Girl," and Season 4 had Marley (Melissa Benoist) and Rachel (Lea Michele) teaming up on "New York State of Mind."

Glee Music Spoilers: First Listen + Song List for Season 5, Episode 6: “Movin’ Out”
Credit: Adam Rose/Eddy Chen/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

While the song list for “Movin’ Out” hasn’t yet been made official, a reported list of tunes on Glee Wiki is giving a sense of what to expect. And apparently, the show has decided that one cover of “Piano Man” isn’t sufficient, as the song will be performed again in the tribute, this time by Blaine (Darren Criss). Those are some big shoes to fill, but we think Blaine is up to the task.

Other songs of note include what is sure to be a moving performance “Just the Way You Are” by Rachel, Santana (Naya Rivera), Kurt (Chris Colfer), Blaine, and Sam (Chord Overstreet). The fact that all five of them are singing this makes us wonder if Blaine and Sam will be in NYC for their college search this week.

We’ll also be hearing a song each by Jake (Jacob Artist) and Ryder (Blake Jenner): Jake is doing “My Life,” while Ryder tackles “An Innocent Man.” Given that they’re both singing tunes, and that Ryder’s song offers a plea for love, we wonder if something big will happen in the Marley-Jake-Ryder love triangle. The suspense!


“Movin’ Out” by Blaine and Sam

“Piano Man” by Blaine

“My Life” by Jake

“Honesty” by Artie (Kevin McHale)

“An Innocent Man” by Ryder

“Just the Way You Are” by Rachel, Santana, Sam, and Klaine

Source: Glee Wiki

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