Can We Expect a Music Video for Porsha Williams’s New Single, “Flatline”?
Credit: Porsha Williams on Instagram    

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Can We Expect a Music Video for Porsha Williams’s New Single, “Flatline”?

It's been an amazing week for Porsha Williams, as her first official single, "Flatline," was released to rave reviews and an impressive first day on iTunes. And, now the Real Housewives of Atlanta newbie has another exciting announcement regarding her budding music career. Based on a recent Twitter exchange, there will be a video to go along with the song!

One of her adoring followers wondered if there was going to be a music video for "Flatline," and Porsha not only confirmed the plan, but she also revealed that filming for the project is taking place this very weekend. So exciting!

"Yes I'm Filming it this weekend!!" Porsha gushed.

Some people were a bit confused since they thought the promo that was released last week for her single was actually a snippet of the video. But, Porsha clarified that the steamy lingerie footage we saw last week was actually a different shoot altogether.

When one fan pointed out that they thought they had already seen part of the video, Porsha quickly responded, "No I just filmed that for a teaser for single! An awesome video is in the making! Can't wait to share."

This won't be Porsha's first time dipping into the video-making business. Back in 2004 when Porsha was an adorable 22 years old, she appeared in a rap video for the group Trillville, where she basically looked sexy in a skin-tight mini dress. Porsha seemed embarrassed over her involvement in the vid, admitting, "You know you make choices when you’re younger that you wouldn’t make now."

We're guessing her "Flatline" video will be way classier than her last endeavor.

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