Happy early Christmas, Ashley Tisdale fans! The soon-to-be married former Disney queen dropped her new single, "You're Always Here," on December 16 (take that, Beyonce!), revealing the inspiration behind the emotional song in a candid behind-the-scenes Facebook video.

"About a month and a half ago my grandfather passed away," the 28-year-old reveals. "When I was going through it the first week stuff would come to me and I'd start writing down stuff. I was just inspired to write a song and do something for him."

If you're thinking it's been a while since The Tis released any new music, you'd be right — the High School Music star is the first to admit that her singing career has taken a backseat in recent years. But since one of her grandfather's favorite things was hearing her sing, she felt there was no better time to get back in the studio — with fiancé Christopher French right by her side, of course!

"It feels great to be writing and singing again. It kind of helped me getting over and coming to deal with what was happening. I'm gonna cry!" she says, struggling to hold back tears. "He was a really good man and he just super believed in me."

The video ends with a clip of Ashley's beloved grandfather — aka Pop Pop Arnold — singing "Ol' Man River." Can someone please pass the tissues?!

Watch Ashley's big reveal and tell us your thoughts about "You're Always Here" in the comments below. Will you download it?